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My mom’s unbeatable Foie Gras recipe

This holidays, I made homemade foie gras for the first time. Trying to impress my friends for our festive dinner, I asked my mom for her renowned “Foie Gras” recipe and did my best to live up to her high culinary standards. So here is my post to pass on the sacred secret…

Your “foie gras” will be best if prepared a couple of days in advance (2-3 days). And it’s also good to know that it’s possible to freeze it once cooked… so if you need a special weapon for last minute fancy dinners, that could be a great one!


  • Buy a fresh raw foie gras (Count about 100 grams per person)
  • Salt, pepper
  • Plastic wrap (a lot)

Here is my beast (850 g) to start with…


How to prepare your foie gras:

1. Remove the nerves and veins:

Put the foie gras in a bowl of cold water and chill in the fridge for 1 hour. Take it out to start the tricky operation of removing the nerves (this is indeed the hardest part of making foie gras).
Separate the lobes with your hands to unveil the nerves. You should see at least a big one running in the middle. You have to open the liver (don’t be scared of turning it into pieces) and pick the nerves one by one. Carefully run your hand next to the nerve and try to take as much out of it away as you can.


2. Season to taste

We keep it simple with just salt & pepper but you can get creative here and add whatever you like (alcohol etc.) Once your foie gras is in pieces (as in the picture above), season with a lot of salt and pepper.

3. Make a roll (or kind of):

Try to reconstitute the liver in a roll. This is like being a kid again and playing with modelling clay! Season again the outside of your roll. My liver was so big that I had to make 2 rolls, but if you’ve got a smaller one, you should be all right with one.

4. Wrap, wrap & wrap again!

Make sure you have enough plastic wrap for this. You will need to wrap it in at least 15 layers. Alternate doing it one side and then the other…. Keep on wrapping until you are pretty sure it’s waterproof.


5. Cook

Boil water in a large pot. When it’s boiling, immerse the foie gras for 1 minute only. Cut the gaz and close the pot with a lid. Let rest for about 12 hours (a night). The liver will cook slowly as the water cools down.

Set & enjoy…

After the 12 hours, take it out of the water and keep it wrapped in the fridge until the day you want to eat it. Unwrap just before serving. You will see that a lot of the fat stays in the plastic so it will get harder to see the plastic as you get closer to the Foie Gras (do make sure you don’t leave any plastic layer!) Remove a little more of the extra fat, cut slices and serve. Serve with a salad, “brioche” type bread (pain de mie) and sea salt.



The foie gras is particularly delicious accompanied by onion jam. You can buy it or make it yourself (cook loads of onions with butter and sugar – like if you were making a jam – for about an hour). Add red wine if you want the onion jam to be colorful.

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