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L’Gros luxe – Cheap and cheerful brunch – Montreal restaurant

Brunch in Montreal is like a religion. Every Sunday, hordes of Montrealers head to the cities numerous brunch spots, lining up rain (snow) or shine to eat their hearty breakfast.

There is no shortage of options that’s for sure but most places are quite expensive for what you get in your plate. Of course, it’s nice to have a meal out with friends and chillax on a Sunday but common 15$ for eggs, toast and potatoes? Really?!

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when trying out L’gros Luxe, a new Montreal restaurant on Bernard. A well-located, honestly-priced, no line-up brunch locale!



The food is not gourmet per se but the reasonable prices definitely make up for it. From the classic brunch (egg, potatoes, toast & fruits) at $5 to the more “sophisticated” options at $8, prices are really unbeatable.

So what did we eat?

Well, my friend ordered the breakfast tacos. Although it was tasty, he thought it was a bit light and it didn’t prove to be sufficient to feed a hangover man on a cold Sunday.


I had the BBQ pulled pork hash and it was tasty, well served and just what I needed to get some fuel for the day. Portions aren’t huge but I was full by the end of this bowl.



Although you can surely expect similar prices from an old diner in an ugly part of town, what’s really surprising here is to have an affordable brunch in a fancy, hipster hangout on Bernard. L’gros luxe offers a hipster food & vibe without the hipster premium. Best of both worlds!

Bottom line

For anyone in the mood for a cheap, easy-going brunch, L’Gros luxe is definitely an option to consider. Do you know where else you can get a decent $5 brunch in the city? If so, let me know!



L’Gros Luxe
150, Bernard Ouest

2 comments on “L’Gros luxe – Cheap and cheerful brunch – Montreal restaurant

  1. annie lee
    January 27, 2015

    breakfast tacos look amazing but i agree the portion seems a little too small for a man (or a woman like myself) hahah


    • Pauline Rosen
      January 27, 2015

      Hi Annie. Yes it was a bit small, but some other options on the menu offer larger portion. And for the price you could even order 2 dishes and it would still be cheaper than most other brunch locations! 🙂


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