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Le Comptoir, charcuteries et vin – Montreal restaurant

Located on St Laurent, between le Plateau and Mile End, Le Comptoir doesn’t look like much from the outside. Once you get in though, you’ll discover a nice homey bistro vibe with brick walls and a wooden decor. It turned out to be the perfect Montreal restaurant for a girl’s dinner on a weeknight.



The menu is made of small dishes of seasonal products so people can share, “tapas style”. We ordered a bottle of white wine and 4 dishes for the 3 of us. Each dish was delicious and beautifully prepared, but the portions weren’t that big, making it sometimes difficult to divide by 3. I’d recommend you aim to share each dish by 2 persons if you want to have a reasonable bit to sample. Here is what we had:

Eggplant & ground pork Mezza luna

Smoked yellow sturgeon

Braised octopus with chorizo

Roasted oyster mushrooms with dried duck breast

Everything was absolutely delicious, the octopus probably being my favorite dish of the night.

We didn’t try the homemade charcuterie or cheese platter (I always find that’s a shame to order because it’s easier to replicate at home), but they have the reputation of being really good as well. It’s not surprising considering the charcuterie is made on site at the restaurant!


With a casual yet classy atmosphere, le Comptoir is one of these places where you just feel comfortable. The service was good too.

Bottom line:

I would totally recommend Le Comptoir for a romantic dinner, a girls night out or a small friendly reunion… Definitely an enjoyable place to chat, eat well and drink some good wine. The dishes are reasonably priced for the quality (10-20$ each) but like everywhere in Montreal, prices go up quickly if you drink wine. As an indicator, my dinner was 70$ all in.

 Le Comptoir
4807 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


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