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Pastaga, Inspired cuisine – Montreal restaurant

Don’t be misled by the name, you won’t find carbonara or lasagna on the menu at Pastaga. In place, you’ll discover an inspired selection of dishes with a distinctly Quebecois flavour.

With original and tasty food, a warm relaxed vibe and impeccable service, Pastaga raised the bar on all fronts and left me with a great impression. Another one to add to your favorite list of Montreal restaurants.



Food-wise, Pastaga is riding the tapas trend offering plates bigger than starters but smaller than mains. The menu is split between cold and warm plates with the addition of a temporary selection available from the “ardoise”. There isn’t a lot of dishes to choose from but I personally think a small menu is a good sign. It means everything that made the cut was well though through and it makes choosing easier!

Following the friendly recommendation from the staff, we ordered 6 dishes to share for the 3 of us and they offered to bring them 2 by 2 to pace our dinner.

Salmon, potato salad, salmon jerky

This was a little bit like a gravlax. The salmon was extremely moist, a little smoky but not overpowering at all and served with a well-seasoned potato salad.


Shrimp ceviche

The ceviche was particularly interesting because of the mix of texture! The shrimps were served with avocado, both a little soft but the dish was also crunchy with the smart addition of tempura & celery.


Lacquered pork belly, veggie pancake and slices of marinated carrots

Apparently this dish has been on the menu since the restaurant opened and that’s not surprising! It was the most delicious dish of the night. The meat was well-grilled and the sides brought an interesting sweet and savory flavor. This is the kind of dish that makes tapas frustrating because you hoped you had a bigger plate! What a treat…


Chopped liver with bagel and marinated onions

Huge plate, tasty and well prepared chopped liver but definitely less interesting, at least to me. It’s also pretty filling which is a shame when you want to try everything else!


Black ink squid with potato cake

The squid directly melted in my mouth, it was extremely tasty and not at all chewy like it can sometimes be. Again, really well prepared and delicious.


Deer tartare with potato croquette and aioli type sauce

Nice plate, very good seasoning – nice and spicy- , delicious potato croquette. Rien à dire.


Bitter chocolate mousse, crispy sponge toffee and foam caramel

Incredible mix of flavor again, nicely presented in a transparent glass. Dipping the spoon inside the 3 layers of this sweet desert is like a one-way trip to paradise.


Oversized choux pastry filled with apples and bitter almond ice cream

Original, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, accompanied by a really tasty and I believe to be home-made almond ice cream.



The best thing about Pastaga is that the ambiance is as good as the food!

The restaurant has a very cozy industrial vibe. What I also appreciated is that it’s not loud, there is no music and the tables are very narrow so you can actually hear each other!

Interesting as well is the fact that they have a large shared table right in the middle of the kitchen, so curious guests can dine watching chefs at work. We nearly sat there but decided it was a little too noisy for us with the dishwasher and all. But it looked like good fun so maybe next time!

The staff was exceptionally nice from beginning to end. Our waitress for example broke the cork of our wine bottle while opening it and so we were offered 3 glasses of Monbazillac with our deserts to make up for that little incident. Just a very nice gesture worth mentioning!

All in all, we had an amazing night for a reasonable price (The bill was around $200 for the 3 of us).

6389, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal

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