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Big in Japan – Japanese tavern – Montreal Restaurant

I love Japanese food and although a lot of Japanese restaurants / izakayas have been popping up in Montreal lately, Big In Japan has been around the block for quite some time. This was my 3d time eating there and whether for lunch or dinner, it’s always been a good experience.


We ordered the special of the day – which was a seafood salad on a Japanese style pancake (I thought this was going to be like okonomiyaki but it was quite different). The dish was really original and delicious. We also had the Japanese style “Bolognese”, Spicy noodle dish with eggplants and minced beef. That was really yummy and very well served! It took efforts from the 3 of us to finish it! Finally, I also ordered a simple fried pork sandwich, and although it was ok it wasn’t the most interesting.


From previous experiences, I also recommend the pork buns (steamed buns with a sweet sauce that remind me of the ones from Banh Mi Boys in Toronto although BMB’s version is still the best) and my boyfriend loves their Tonkatsu don (crispy pork cutlet on rice). And if I remember well, their ramen isn’t the best so I wouldn’t recommend going there if you are craving a good ramen.


The place feels like a casual and cosy Japanese tavern. It’s a bit dark in the back so I’d recommend trying to get a table in the front part of the restaurant. Service was great, fast and friendly.

Big In Japan is also famous for being open until 3am for late night cravings …

Big in Japan
3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2X



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