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Bleu & Persillé: for cheese & design lovers

As a french expat in Montreal, it is literally impossible to pass by a cheese store and not stare through the window!

So when Bleu & Persillé recently opened on Mt Royal, I couldn’t help but be extremely curious about it. After walking by a couple of times, I finally visited the store!

I can now officially confirm that Bleu & Persillé is a very serious contender to existing cheese stores in the neighbourhood. First of all, from a design standpoint, it has nothing to do with your traditional cheese store. The store front itself has the arresting power to stop you on your Mt Royal stroll…


Have you ever been to a boutique hotel? A small upscale hotel with a focus on design? yes?! Because in my opinion, this feels very much like a boutique cheese store!

With help from architect Jean Beaudoin, the french owner of Bleu & Persillé created a space where cheese & design come together quite uniquely. Now let’s take a peek inside.


In the store, wonderful cheeses take over the walls, the way art would be exposed in a museum. This unique display provides as much pleasure for the eyes as for the belly, and makes it really hard to resist temptations!

The store offering in itself is great, wide and varied. Of course cheese is the focal point with about 40% of cheeses coming from Quebec; but as a complement, the boutique also carries loads of gourmet products from crackers to jams to artisanal yogourts.

A must-try for any MTL gourmet with a little weakness for cheese!

Now, I was reasonable today just buying a goat cheese recommended by the staff. Next time I go, it will either be to try a grilled cheese from their bar or to join one of their workshops for cheese lovers like me.

Fromagerie Bleu & Persillé,
1475, Avenue du Mont-Royal

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