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Will G&G pastries win over your New Year’s resolutions?

If you’re already over your New Years’ diet resolution, lost the extra kilos from the holidays quickly, or simply decided they don’t matter; then give in to the temptation and try these amazing deserts from G&G pastry shop. Trust me, it is a great way to start treating yourself in 2016!

G&G used to be on Mt Royal but recently re-located in Marché St Jacques close to Parc Lafontaine. As I thought the store had closed, I haven’t had their pastries in a while…  To rekindle with my love for this little pastry shop, check out what I got:


I can not remember the name of each pastry but the top left one was a passion fruit dome, the top right one a chocolate dome, the bottom right one was a mango square, the bottom left one a lemon meringue pie (as easily identified) and in the middle we have an apple square. All pastries were really good and fresh but my guests overall favoured the passion fruit and mango options, a bit lighter and more original than the others.

This new trial of G&G pastries not only confirms their high standards but also their position as an official contender to Patisserie Rhubarbe.

The only potential negative point is the lack of variety. Yes of course, these are all different flavours but the composition of the pastries often remains the same: a little bit of biscuit at the bottom topped with a light fruit inspired mousse… Works really well so why change a winning combination I guess!

Patisserie G&G
Marché St Jacques




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  1. celapossiamofare
    April 1, 2016

    very good!


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