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La Capital – Or how to eat tacos in Chinatown – Montreal restaurant

Yes that’s correct, this Montreal restaurant brings tacos to Chinatown! So next time you decide to swap Chinese dumplings for Mexican tacos, you’ll know where to go.


You can’t eat Mexican without having guacamole so of course to get the night going we started with guacamole along with refried beans & chips. All very authentic and delicious finger food to get things going. Sorry though, my stomach was faster than my camera on that one.

Following these little ‘aperos’, we each ordered a taco to share. All the tacos are served in Chinese plates which I though was pretty ironic, but hey it’s in the heart of Chinatown, so I guess Why Not?

Capture d’écran 2016-03-03 à 10.35.09 PM

My favourite hands down was the shrimp one! Served with a good portion of shrimps, nicely battered but not too greasy, they were just right. The beef was a close second, tender, very well spiced and perfectly cooked. The pork option we ordered would be my least favorite of the night because it was a little dry.
But we didn’t get to try the traditional ‘pork al pastor’ which the restaurant is famous for because they’d ran out of it that night… Deserts consisted of friend bananas with fresh cheese which my friends ate rather quickly, so I guess it was good. Cocktails were also had to accompany the food but I wasn’t very impressed by the drinks unfortunately.


The restaurant room is nice, it’s decorated simply but spreads good vibes. We had a great night all in all but a couple of things to consider nevertheless. If you have the choice, don’t pick the large tables because it’s fairly noisy and those big tables make it hard to hear each other. Also if you are in a hurry, well then La Capital is probably not a good bet. Dinner service on this Saturday night was really slow. We didn’t mind because we were hanging out but I could see how annoying that could be if you had a show or a movie to catch afterwards!

Bottom Line:

Considering there aren’t many options for tacos in Montreal I would say La Capital is a good one.  Central, reasonably priced, well prepared and with a good vibe! Everything you need to be happy.

La Capitale
1096 Saint-Laurent

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