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Tab Payments – the Uber of dining has arrived

For the last 12 months, everyone’s been trying to replicate the Uber model so it’s with no surprise that the food industry follows suit.

Let me introduce you to Tab PaymentsCapture d'écran 2016-04-03 23.00.33

This new food app is on a mission to improve your dining experience making it easier to pay without having to wait for the waiter (remember last time you had to sit tight while 8 lovely people at another table were monopolizing the only credit card machine in the restaurant?). Well with Tab Payments and its in-app payment system, that won’t happen ever again.

I tested it and the experience is flawless. The UX is a copy-paste of Uber so no surprise there with easy steps to download the app, scan your credit card, get geolocated when you are in a participating restaurant and prompted to ‘open a tab’. At the end of your meal, the app will notify you that your bill is ready allowing you to click pay, choose your tip, and leave when YOU decide. What’s best? If you are lucky and have friends willing to split the bill, the app can do that too.

Tab Payments is currently accessible in Toronto and Montreal (with a limited number of participating restaurants still) and is due to expand to NY, LA, San Fran, Miami and London in summer 2016. The company has already been acquired by Velocity (a similar player in the UK who also offers additional features such as snapping last minute reservations at top rated restaurants). So surely there is more to expect from these guys in the near future.

In any case, this is just the beginning. Imagine what cool features apps like that can develop – personalized restaurant recommendations based on where you last ate, rewards and privileges for being a part of this foodie club, the possibilities are endless. Let’s see what the future holds in reinventing the dining experience as we know it.




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