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What if your neighbour could cook for you?

With ‘Menu Next Door’, the sharing economy is taking the concept of take out to a whole new level by allowing you to order a nice take away cooked by a friendly neighbour.

Menu Next Door EN

Available in Paris, Brussels and London for the moment, the platform seems to be growing fast and just raised $2 Million. The community currently counts about a 1,000 registered cooks and more than 100,000 users.

It’s not available in Canada, so I didn’t get the chance to test the platform but it looks fairly simple. You check out what inspired chefs are cooking around you (menu priced around 10 euros), you order online, and you go pick it up at the cook’s house (The idea being that you’d choose something near you). Here are some menus on offer in Paris right now.

Menu next door paris

Now, this is not the first start up trying to invent the AirBnB of food but it’s the first one that seems to have some traction. Let’s see if it manages to sustain momentum and build long-lasting interest in the service.

Check it out here.
Read more about it here.

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