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Provisions – Intimate and fresh dining experience – Montreal restaurant

This cozy and tiny 30 seats restaurant offers a surprise menu based on daily provisions. Yes, here, you shall eat whatever the staff picked up at the market the day you visit. I actually found it amazingly refreshing not to have to choose anything.

The only question to ask yourself is whether you are hungry enough for the 5 courses menu ($65) or the 7 courses menu ($75). And of course, what you want to drink.


The food is as beautiful as it is tasteful. We opted for the 5 dishes option and it was more than enough. The waiter will also ask about allergies or dietary restrictions and will adapt some courses accordingly. I am pregnant for example so I didn’t get the same starter as my boyfriend because his included raw meat. So what did we eat?

Beet and ricotta carpaccio with dill and a discrete wine reduction: Simple, delicate and fresh in every bite.

Seared beef served with egg, mushrooms and cabbage I believe. A success apparently.

Chicken liver mousse with figs, sunflower seeds and peaches: Such a great mix of colors and flavors, the pâté texture with the fresh fruits and the crispy nuts, so yummy!

Lobster pasta with edamame and a bisque sauce. This was very well prepared and a quite consistent serving. It’s starting to get serious now…

Calamari with melon & curry sauce. I love calamari and it was cooked to perfection. However, I felt like the taste of the melon was a little too overpowering and made the dish a little unbalanced.

Braised pork with beans and chorizo sauce. This was A-MAZING. Crispy outside, tender inside, with a yummy sauce, loads of herbs and coriander. Full of flavors.

Finally, after a little well-deserved break, we had the desert. Fresh fruits with a chocolate mousse and fruit sorbet. Light and fresh, perfect to close this great food galore.


I really enjoyed the cozy and rustic vibe as well as the attentive & discrete service. This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a get together with a close friend.

If you are planning to come with a larger group, you have to book THE table that can accommodate more people. The rest of the seats are tables for 2 or seats at the bar.

Bottom line

Great experience at Provisions. I will definitely be back.

1268 avenue Van Horne 

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